As a psychiatric nurse practitioner, Joan Jablow is an empathic partner in addressing mental health issues, and she offers the full range of available treatments. Depending on the disorder or issue, therapy can be brief and straightforward, or it can require challenging exploration to help you understand your emotions and overcome the negative effects of past experiences. Joan will help you learn to use self-knowledge to improve your enjoyment of life. Some patients respond best to a combination of therapy and medication, and Joan can prescribe any needed medications, allowing patients to avoid a separate doctor’s visit to obtain a prescription.

pen_boxIndividual Therapy

Therapy can treat many mental health disorders, and it can also give you strategies to cope with life challenges such as divorce, work transitions, grief, conflict and body-image issues.

Couples Therapy

In couples therapy, the goal is to stabilize and then renew your relationship, and Joan will work with you to restore lost emotional connections. Whether a couple is experiencing anger, lack of communication, sexual issues, or just boredom, Joan can guide couples in ways that help relationships heal and flourish. If you decide to end your relationship, Joan can help you do so in a constructive manner. In either situation, Joan can help you manage the needs of children who are affected. Joan also offers premarital counseling for couples who would like to lay the foundations for a successful marriage.

Family Therapy

Family members sometimes need help in resolving conflicts. Joan guides the delicate process of airing feelings and reframing interactions so that peace and respect are restored to the household.

Medication Management

Other therapists often seek Joan’s assistance in managing a patient’s medications. Joan is an enthusiastic team member in the treatment of patients who develop a need for medication while seeing a practitioner who lacks the training or license to prescribe medications. Joan can provide a medical evaluation and oversee just the medication portion of the patient’s treatment.

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